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      Becky D

      Hello everyone,

      This is my first post on here. After months of research and consultations. I’ve narrowed down my surgeon search to Dr. Koch in Cottbuss (when the border opens up) and Dr. Brown in California.

      I have a left side indirect inguinal hernia, no bulge, neck defect 1.9cm, sac is about 5cm.

      The decision to go to Germany is attractive because it’s $2000 dollars less expensive, and I have a free place to stay in Munich if I wanted to prolong my trip.

      However, does anyone know if sitting on a flight for 16 hours will increase risk for strangulation or worse. I can’t find anything online about this, all I know if my toothpaste bottle herniates after being on a flight. I’m scared I’ll go into a medical emergency on the flight if I choose to go to Cottbuss. But I’d have to spend all of my savings to go to the US, despite the short drive it is from Vancouver.

      The other option would be to book a flight with four layovers and lay down on the floor at each layover – the whole journey will be about 25 hours that way though.

      Opinions? Any North Americans gone to Germany for the surgery that were in pain before getting on the flight?

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      Good intentions

      Is the Shouldice Hospital not an option?

      Your toothpaste bottle had pressure sealed in by the cap. Your own internal pressure will equilibrate to outside pressure. The flight will be just like sitting in Vancouver for 16 hours.

      Good luck. Europe is experiencing a third COVID-19 wave, with variants. Odds are that we will also, here in the USA.

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        Becky D

        Unfortunately not, they said because I do not have a palpable bulge, even if the hernia sac is 5 cm long, they will not operate. I brought up that women often have occult hernias and they told me I might have a groin sprain. But I had been bed ridden with a back injury for a month before this happened… In any case, they will not operate on anyone without a bulge. Sucks for me as it would be 100% free as a Canadian.

        They said the only way they would take me is if a hernia specialist physically examined me and confirmed I had one. I have been waiting to see a hernia surgeon for months now, and I don’t know one who will see me without me pretending I want surgery from them.

        Anyway, I just recovered from C-19, so I’ll have some immunity for awhile, and I’m due to be vaccinated in the coming month.

        Thanks for your answer about my intestinal pressure. 🙂 Puts my mind at ease.

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