looking for feedback from women who have had Shouldice repair of inguinal hernia

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      I see a lot of discussion here about men’s sexual function, but nothing specifically from women. I’m looking for feedback from women who have had Shouldice repair (non-mesh) for an inguinal hernia. I would like to know if, aside from initial pain at the site of incision during the healing phase that might have interfered with pleasurable sensation at first, did you experience any decrease in sexual sensation, stimulation or satisfaction as a result of this surgery? Thank you in advance for any helpful input.

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      William Bryant

      All I can find that may be of some use to you Meg, is this thread

      Whether to Sacrifice the Round Ligament? Inguinal Repair

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      William Bryant

      If I understand it correctly the round ligament can be cut.in females during shouldice repair and that may reduce sexual function or feeling.

      That’s just how I understand it from the posts on that thread.

      I could be wrong so would recommend reading it yourself… Hope it’s some use

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      The round ligament has no sexual function.

      I have not seen or been reported to by my patients that the Shouldice or any other tissue repair of the inguinal hernia in women confers any negative sexual function. If anything, inguinal hernia repair can reduce pelvic floor spasm and thus penetration is less painful.

      Once caveat: we do not recommend cutting the ilioinguinal or genital nerve branches in women. These nerves provide skin sensation to the mons, which can enhance sexual pleasure.

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      Thank you, William and Dr. Towfigh.

      Dr. Towfigh, Can you say more about not recommending cutting those nerve branches?
      Are you saying that Shouldice repair can be done without severing those? I understand that its necessary in order to determine an indirect hernia and that it may cause some numbness in the labial/mons area, but, if so, that the numbness will be temporary (4-6 months).

      The round ligament is relevant for me in terms of uterine support, not sexual function. I am past childbearing years, so there’s no issues around pregnancy’s, either, but I had a myomectomy 8 years ago, and the large fibroid that was removed had caused some uterine prolapse. I wear a pessary (which I can take in and out for sex) and that works like magic to keep the prolapse in check and am totally comfortable. I’m wondering if cutting the round ligament might take away what little uterus support I have.

      Can you point me to any studies done on inguinal tissue (non-mesh) repair and affects on female sexual organs? Other than anecdotal reporting, all the data around sexual outcomes seems to be about males. It’s very frustrating.

      Thank you.

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      Absolutely no reason to cut nerves as part of any tissue repair. Not sure who told you that is done.

      No studies on women at all. You are right.

      Cutting the round ligament has no effect on prolapse or other uterine support

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