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      Well it seems like there are no more options left for me. For the last 2 and half years – since Dr. Brown mutilated me for absolutely no reason – I’ve been incapable of using my core, walk properly, breathe properly. I have sexual dysfunction, testicles that are deformed, etc. I am not a functional human being by any means.

      I’ve been using the limited resources I have to consult with various doctors in the field to try and find help. I’ve seen Dr. Zoland, Meyers, Yunis, Krpata and more. Deep down I knew almost immediately after surgery that Dr. Brown had just permanently hurt me but part of me always tried to find some hope and not give up. After multiple doctors telling me that everyone knew Dr. Brown was a charlatan and giving me the “I’m so sorry” look when they see what was done to me – I realize its over

      Dr. Krpata said he could try to operate on me and go separate the pieces Dr. Brown carved out of my external oblique aponeurosis to close them back as 1 whole structure (as its supposed to be) but said he doesn’t know if I’ll get better and I could lose a testicle in the process and I honestly just don’t have the fight in me. I give up. There’s only so much one person can handle before giving up.

      I’m not really sure why I’m typing any of this but I hope everyone on here reconsiders getting surgery. I never had a hernia, never had a hole, never had a bulge. I was a professional dancer with a 6 pack with chronic pain from muscle overuse that just needed a little help. I sincerely did not think someone could mess me up this bad. Instead in 1.5 hours I was mutilated beyond repair. I’ll try to research if there’s a medical center that could use my body for research or something when I’m gone I just can’t do this anymore and I can’t accept going from being a normal young man, a professional dancer/athlete to being all shriveled up and essentially crippled. I appreciate everyone who tried to help me on my previous posts.

      Good luck everyone whatever you are going through I sincerely hope you get better

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      Peter, I’m so sorry to hear that a reliable solution has not been identified and I can only try to empathize with your frustration and resignation.

      The flip side is that I know what it takes to perform at an elite level, and I know from your many posts how much time and effort you have put into deeply understanding your situation and looking for a solution…so I can’t help but respectfully wonder if the psychological toll this has taken on you over these 2.5 years is behind the feelings of having no fight left in you. I believe that you are stronger than you might understandably feel at this moment…

      If you don’t mind sharing more info, how did Dr. Krpata frame the surgery? His being unsure if you would get better may not be surprising, given your unique situation…but did he give *some* indication of what improvement he believes could result? Did he frame the surgery as being a reasonably good idea or did you get the impression it was a ‘hail Mary’ type of option?

      Beyond normal risks associated with surgery, did he identify specific risks beyond potentially losing a testicle? Not to downplay that (who wants to lose a testicle??), but it does strike me as a *relatively* trivial one given the context of your current situation, no?

      Anyway, I am certainly not pushing you towards more surgery…but am wondering more about how the pros/cons were framed by Dr. Krpata and how you weighed them, and whether it *might* be worth reconsidering to give yourself the chance at improving in some way. As always, thanks for sharing.


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      @peterc I am glad Dr. Krpata offered you a surgical option. As for the risks of surgery, as you know there are always risks. The risk of losing a testicle is very rare in my experience.

      I am also curious to know the details of your plan of care with Dr Krpata. Meanwhile, remember that in addition to your group here, please dial 988 to seek professional help to be able to handle the crisis in your life. I have treated many patients in dire straits, like yourself, and they are able to lead a much better life afterward.

      I hope you choose to move forward with whatever the experts are recommending.

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