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      Looking into the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Not only is it the top rated hospital in the country but I like how they have a multidisciplinary approach by having multiple specialists look at the patient. Does anyone have experience with this Hospital? Much thanks everyone and keep on pushing.

      P.S. Dr. Megan H. Nelson works here and was featured on Hernia Talk episode 57

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Peter Billing did his residency at the Mayo Clinic and might be able to help. He removed the mesh inside me without any of the unfortunate complications that are often reported. He has removed references to hernias on his company web page but will probably be happy to talk to you and might have a recommendation. Try the company site or his LinkedIn page, linked below.

      You should be aware though, if you do contact the Mayo Clinic, that the surgeon who implanted the mesh, then resisted helping me with the problem and suggested that it was just too bad and I’d have to learn to live with the pain, also did his residency at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is a very large mesh-oriented facility. They are “mainstream” hernia repair.

      I have noticed that surgeons who implant mesh tend to look for “solutions” that take the blame off of the mesh. Neurectomies, medication, etc., even if they remove the mesh. They seem to have trouble just accepting that the mesh itself is the cause and if the mesh is removed the patient will get better naturally.

      This perception fits with what you wrote in BobbyO’s Topic about Dr. Dupree. Cognitive bias is a very powerful psychological force.

      I highly recommend contacting Dr. Billing. You might even find that it is worthwhile to travel to Washington if he is willing to take you on. Don’t assume that traveling will be automatically more expensive than staying in your insurance system.


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      Can neurectomies actually cause pain? Done correctly shouldn’t they relieve pain? Concerned specifically related to mesh removal. If nerves are encased in the mesh they cannot be saved, is that right?

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