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      ANyone used Dr.Reiner in NYC for mesh removal? Others in New England recommended?

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      Good intentions

      I just came across Dr. Reiner’s web site, linked below. It looks new, copyright 2021. It seems to be a standard surgery practice site, listing the procedures he performs. But, of course, ironically, even though he does remove mesh, he also implants mesh, and uses the typical reasons about recurrence and benefits outweighing risks argument to support the use of mesh. But no numbers supporting the arguments. He’ll put it in and he’ll take it out.

      He also performs neurectomies for chronic pain treatment, apparently, although the page is not complete yet. So, odds are a mesh removal will also involve neurectomy.

      Hernia Mesh Removal

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      Could someone address neurectomies with mesh removal? I messaged with Dr. Szotek about this, he advised that illioinginal or other nerves can be encased in the mesh and usually cannot be saved. Are there potentially new pain issues when nerves are cut?

      Success stories are welcomed.

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