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      Scary stuff. A woman had sever constipation for 13 years post hernia mesh implantation.
      Finally a CT scan was done which showed hernia recurrence but only after they went in to operate did they find that the mesh has eroded into the woman’s small bowel causing the blockage.
      Crazy-only until they can go inside you can they really see what is going on and what the mesh is doing.

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      Yes I am really surprised that our ability to see inside the human body is limited still in many ways…🤔

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      It’s just nuts bc Mesh can Cause so many issues and tie patient gets passed off and around to all the different specialists: GI, back, hip, PT while everyone says it’s not the mesh.
      But then you hear and rad if cases like mine where once they get inside to operate they say wow what a mess regarding the mesh.
      Very sad and infuriating

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      Good intentions

      You can also see the flawed logic used in describing the problem. They didn’t find the cause for 13 years, but describe it as a “rare complication”. They should really say “rarely diagnosed complication”. They don’t know the true numbers. Out of sight, out of mind. A true hernia mesh registry might have identified the problem earlier, plus helped identify it for later patients.

      Excerpt –

      “demonstrates that IBS symptoms can be caused by a rare complication of a common surgery: mesh herniorrhaphy repair. “

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      Yes and the only way they found out that the mesh had migrated into her intestines is that the CT showed a hernia recurrence. If the CT scan didn’t show that then they would of never went in to operate and thus would of never found the mesh all screwed up and doing damage.
      She would of just been another person with symptoms blamed on everything BUT the mesh.
      I’m pretty convinced if they opened up everyone who had a mesh implantation they would find horrific things going on with the mesh. Maybe not causing symptoms or pain for everyone but non the less I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of horror stories.

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      It is sad that most surgeons who use mesh do not know how to treat the complications.
      Bill Brown MD

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      No doc, what’s sadder people that refer to themselves as a hernia specialist
      Only know 1 technique putting mesh in, that’s liking calling out a master plumber
      For a busted waterline and then he gets there and says I only work repairing
      Kitchen faucets
      My logic might not be right, because my ex wife says I am not to smart
      I think she gave me the hernia
      As always I remain
      Your friend

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      I’m glad someone published this in family medicine magazine. Because they have little insight as to what we surgeons do as surgeons and how the operations we perform (of any kind) can contribute to the symptoms of the patient.

      As I’ve written before, Imaging is often misread by radiologists and non-radiologists rarely look at images themselves and mostly rely on the report only. This just exacerbated the problem. I see so many patients that say their imaging was normal. And it wasn’t. And if their primary problem was diagnosed at the first misread imaging (likely the same for this patient), then the diagnosis could have been made then (13 years ago in this patient). I doubt erosion into the lumen was there 13 years ago. But adherence to mesh was likely there and could have been alleviated.

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      So basically we just can hope AI will eventually be able to replace humans. How does one become a radiologist??is this once again a cost cutting problem?

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      Has nothing to do with cost cutting. My feeling is that surgeons and other doctors need to talk to their radiologists more.

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      The radiologist and surgeons all misread my scans twice.
      The first time they said I didn’t have any hernias and for 13 months I was in pain and has swelling. Laparoscopic repair with mesh revealed I had 2 hernias indirect and direct. How could 2 hernias be missed?
      After mesh Surgery severe flare ups and a squeezing like feeling and heaviness in abdomen. Implanting surgeon said no recurrence and MRI’s and cat scans over the next five years showed nothing g wrong with mesh.
      Finally dr. Belyanski reviewer the same scans and saw mesh was bent and shifted much worse when he got inside-completely balled up.

      There at the very least should be a place or a center dedicated just to post hernia pain where people can goto and know that the doctors and staff are trained and dedicated to this population.
      Too many people are being brushed off with their complaints post mesh implantation. It’s just isn’t right. It’s sad, and negligent.
      It seems there are surgeons that care: dr. Towfigh with her forum and practice although many cannot afford her.
      Dr. Kprata seems to have set up a whole wing that is dedicated to hernia issues where you can get the scan, pain management, Pt all in the same place and have the dr’s reviews your case as a team.
      But still way way not enough
      If plastic is going to be continued to be implanted in people as the gold standard there needs to be a many places and skilled doctors for people to goto and in their own damn state. It’s really a sad affair the way it currently stands.

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