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      🙂 I posted this question and unable to find it; perhaps it got lost in cyberspace.
      July 8, 2013 I had an 8.3cm hernia open repair because of an infection from 24″ of colon removed. The colorectal surgery was not successful no necessary and many complications from it which leaves me wondering if mesh issue after repair is causing pain or colorectal surgery. I’ sure many have heard “I don’t want your mess” Well, that is my case. Following the hernia repair it was not long after that my breathing was compromised if I wore bra camisole or anything slightly tight in area; I felt, from early on pain in area hernia repair was done. Reported this, but, where I had the surgery, few would question there is a problem. Prior to repair, I didn’t have abdominal cramps, build up of bowels moving. Burning under mesh and now, poking, and a lot of pulling. Complicated because the rectal mesh failed; more pulling and unfortunate that I reported new symptoms repeatedly but, because of MVA in 2009 prior to hysterectomy, I have been a chronic pain patient until I left the provider. I was treated with up to 8 Percocet/day plus 50 mg fentynol patch; finally, I requested safe withdrawal and succeeded for almost five months but the pulling continued and the build up so great that once I passed a very large movement, I pulled something in rectum. I’m told, if you didn’t have problems before the surgery/mesh then it’ s probable mesh is a problem. To complicate things, I have mesh from hysterectomy, bladder sling, which failed, and colorhapphy prior to MVA and my diagnosis, regardless of four surgeries was chronic pain. I have little doubt that the hernia surgery was the beginning of bowel not moving correctly although I do not have blockage.
      This is a matter of the chicken or the egg…..not having guidance from this end, I do not know which what to pursue because the surgeries are all related. Saw motility expert at Mayo who told me to see the surgeon. Didn’t happen. New side effects keep surfacing and I fear if I do not have hernia/mess checked, I will be making a very big mistake. Lost in the chronic pain label, my pain level, to include rectal and pelvic plus abdominal, often is over the top. I try to play doctor; to figure out where I go first, and, having left provider of four plus years, it’s up to me to pick the brains of the experts to see where I start. Very healthy but am now unable to move a lot due to pain.

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