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      Mesh removal/ non- mesh hernia repair for umbilical hernia needed.
      Which surgeons would be the best options?
      I am leaning towards Belyansky, Ramshaw or Jacob but don’t know if I should expand my options.
      As a single mom of 4 with health issues, and homeschooling 2 days a week…it can feel overwhelming to research. So thanks in advance for not judging me for asking for input!
      I can travel anywhere and need to go to someone I know won’t put mesh back inside of me due to health issues/ foreign body reaction. Thanks in advance!

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      Ramshaw and Belyanski are both top choices. I had my mesh removed by dr. Belyanski and would highly rx him. Ramshaw from what I’ve heard is excellent and may offer a more comprehensive idea of what to expect after surgery. I’ve spoken to a young gentleman who is getting his umbilical mesh removed by Belyanski in a couple of weeks.
      belyanski is doing more and more removals and gaining a very high reputation.
      The only negative I see with Ramshaw is your pain level and that he is often booked for a while-where I believe for Belyanski you can move quicker if your pain is out of control. I had my consult with him on July 17th and removal on August 11th.
      Both excellent choices-I wouldn’t add anyone else if you can make it out to see either Ramshaw or Belyanski.

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      That is so helpful! Thank you very much!!

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      I agree that Dr. Belyansky is a good choice. I have had several surgeries with him and he is top-notch. Seems like he has recently gotten more involved with mesh removal. I also know he is highly skilled at tissue repair, which it sounds like you may need after removal. Have you considered Dr. Towfigh, she runs this forum? She has a special interest in female hernias and also lots of experience with autoimmune disease and mesh reaction. I’’m not sure of your location, but all of the doctors mentioned are good options. From a fellow patient who had foreign body reaction, I hope you can find the right answer and have quick resolution to your problem! Best wishes.

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      If you’re near Richmond, Va I’m happy to talk to you.

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