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      I am just wondering, we often read on this forum of people who had mesh surgery one+ years ago, and now are experiencing some problems (from mild discomfort to problematic pain)…

      I seem to remember a doctor mentioned that these cases are part of the 15% of mesh repairs that are problematic, but I am just wondering whether the number of complications in the years following mesh repairs might in fact be much bigger! At the very least those with a mild discomfort might go completely under the radar…

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      I don’t know for sure, but I know most of the studies I’ve seen actually report less and less pain and discomfort the longer you go out. one of course wonders if some of this is just people getting used to whatever pain and discomfort they have and reporting as being less over time, or if it really does subside. one study showed resolution of even the worst issues by ten years out for those they followed. but following facebook forums, i’ve also seen a surprising number of people who were fine for years and then started having issues much later – 3, 10, 20 years after surgery. hard thing to gauge.

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