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      Lloyd Bailey

      Hi guys has anyone had a mesh repair and gone back to work in construction ? I had open surgery mesh repair carried out in December last year. I waited 9 weeks before going back to work in the drywall trade . This involves a lot of pushing in screws , so straining all day basically . This has caused the area to get very tender and I’m wondering if I should get another job before I do potentially more damage . Or will it gradually even out and the pain will lessen over time . I feel that the longer I carry on I’ll make it worse. The scar is healing well and it looks fine but it’s underneath that’s the problem. Cheers Lloyd

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      Good intentions

      Do you know the type of repair and the material that was used? There is a wide variety. If you don’t know you can get the records from your surgeon and/or the medical center where you had the procedure done.

      Some materials have an absorbable component that might be affecting your progress. One possibility. But there really are multiple combinations of “open mesh” repair techniques. You need to know the details to make an educated guess.

      Good luck.

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      Lloyd Bailey

      I’ll have a look into this many thanks

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