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      Good intentions

      An example of a recent comparative study. Similar results to studies using the Danish Hernia Registry.

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      I did look at the comparative study, but I have never seen re-occurrence of Mesh that low in my life. Of course, that is where the money is.

      My view is that the younger you are, the better your tissue will knit together. Therefore, I would think that the non-mesh option would be the best, and certainly better than when you are older.

      If hernias do not run in your family, I always think it wise to ponder what may have caused it as far as lifestyle, eating especially.

      Do read as many post as you can. You are young, I don’t think it is the size of a large grapefruit like mine, but I am almost out of the woodwork- 9 months- and about 80% up to where I was as far a exercise max with non-mesh surgery with Dr. Brown. I doubt if I will be trying out for the Olympics at 60, but for you at your age, who knows. Lot of our hernia victims, are athletes.

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      The hernias in young adult and children are indirect hernias and the results for recurrence are the same with or without mesh.
      Bill Brown MD

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