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      Quick story- I was training for a marathon from 2012-2015 when I found a lump. Long story short went to a shouldice hernia
      clinic in canada and was told to go tot he Hosptial as my bowel was
      caught in the hernia. Had surgery and told “you will
      be as good as new in 4 weeks.
      may 26,2015 surgery
      June 2/15 – back to emergency I had a seroma
      June 13/ 2015 Back to emergency infection number 1 and incision opening up. I have a bard mesh plug put in.
      june 20,2015 surgeon had to drain seroma as I couldn’t get up and walk
      july 28, 2015 -2nd infection
      August 2015 third infection whole incision opened up I could see in my body.
      Stabbing like pain, inflammation you could see swelling at my
      right groin.
      October 2015 – back pain started.
      still cannot even run.
      Dec 2015 New Years in bed pain is so bad.
      I also started getting numbness at the site

      feb 2016 doctor does mri/ct says “medically nothing is wrong with them will send you to a pain clinic.”

      april 2017 I stopped working.
      I use a cane now. Been to 5 surgeons in Canada.
      So I still have a seroma, severe scar tissue, nerve damage from the mesh, inflammation all this is pushing on a nerve which is pushing on the mesh … my luck the mesh is sitting a hairline away from the femoral artery. Doctors said there isn’t enough evidence to show removing the mesh will help me at all.

      have others or doctors removed the mesh ?
      I am not well. I have now started getting pain at the top of my thigh.

      I am on medical canabis,
      and just started the Butrans patch.

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      Good intentions

      I think that you need to find a surgeon with expertise in infections and mesh removal. Dr. Towfigh is one, at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. She is at the bottom of the page I linked below and is the administrator of the site. Many surgeons are stuck doing things exactly by their insurance programs’ protocols, even in Canada I imagine. They have to fight to get special cases like yours done properly.

      There are other surgeons in the states. Can you travel?

      Click “Biologic Mesh” on this page –

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      I am sorry you are going through this.

      I don’t specifically know of any surgeons in Canada outside of Shouldice, Shouldice is very well regarded but it sounds like your case was an emergency situation and thus why they deferred it.

      I would certainly seek out a true expert in hernia repair and hernia surgery complications. You may need to travel. If you’re near Toronto, the following may be helpful options for you in the USA:

      – Dr Igor Belyansky in Annapolis Maryland

      – Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Tennessee

      – Dr Jonathan Yunis in Florida

      – Dr Brian Jacobs in NYC, New York

      – Dr Shirin Towfigh in Los Angeles, California

      You could always reach out to these surgeons and ask for recommendations in Canada as well.

      Have you tried any nerve block injections? Any other treatments? How effective has medical cannabis been for you?

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