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  • Modern day Bassini repair – it is still a thing.

    Posted by Good intentions on September 27, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Here is a fascinating look at the Bassini repair, suggesting its viability as a repair method today. The author refers to the original method as described by Bassini himself, bringing to mind Dr. Kang’s comments about the “corrupted” Bassini repair being a potential cause for poor results wrongly attributed to pure tissue repairs.

    The results reported here are compared to typical “mesh” results reported today. The author does a good job of skirting the reasons a patient would demand a tissue repair, focusing instead on the fact that many patients are asking for non-mesh repairs and their requests need to be considered.

    Overall, it’s another sign that physicians are realizing that “mesh” repairs are not all that they are sold to be.

    And, for future searchers, another non-mesh hernia repair option.!

    The Discussion is worth reading all by itself.

    Excerpt – “Thus, it is not surprising that some surgeons have expressed the opinion that tissue repairs are of historical interest only and should no longer have a significant role in 21st century hernia surgery [6].

    Is this notion necessarily valid? If one assesses these modern techniques in terms of their ability to get patients back to work sooner or enjoying full activity more quickly, then the answer is yes. These newer techniques can usually meet these expectations within at most a week to 10 days of reduced activity. Tissue repairs may require a month to 6 weeks before these expectations are reached. But what about the patient who is retired or no longer has major work obligations and isn’t concerned about these issues but is more concerned about having a foreign substance in his/her body? Should he/she be talked into one of these newer repairs? ”

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  • Good intentions

    September 27, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    Look up the authors at Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Surgery and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

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