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    Posted by Unknown Member on September 25, 2018 at 11:20 am

    I had prostate cancer that appears to have been resolved via a Radical Robotic Prostatectomy on 12/21/17. Unfortunately, a left inguinal hernia occurred while lifting something 7 months later. I had no pain or anything, but wanted to get it checked. This is a quick summary.

    Is this what others experience?

    1. July 13. I see a Nurse Practitioner in my Family Doctors office due to swelling in my left groin area. There was no pain whatsoever, and it just popped out yesterday. She thinks I might have a hernia, but isn’t sure. She schedules an ultrasound and tells me to see my Urologist.

    2. July 16th. The ultrasound tech can’t identify a hernia and thinks my lymph nodes are swollen. They had me lay down, so they had no way to see the hernia.

    3. July 18. I make an appointment to see my urologist on 8/31, since no one seems to know what’s causing my groin area swelling.

    4. July 23. I make a 7/24 appointment w/ my urologist’s Nurse Practitioner to try to figure out why my groin is swelling. She says I have a hernia.

    5. July 24. I see my Family Doctor. He wants me to get a CT scan, because he’s not convinced that I have a hernia. I didn’t bother with the CT scan, as too many cause cancer.

    6. August 8. The surgeon recommended by my Family Doctor, tells me that the CT scan is totally unnecessary. He looks from the other side of the room and says: “You have a hernia; I can see it from here”. He’s convinced I have a bilateral hernia and need surgery on both sides, even though there’s no issue on the other side. I later learn that this surgeon had two Malpractice settlements and some bad reviews, so…

    7. August 20. I see a second surgeon in the same practice. He looks so hard trying to find the second hernia, that his exam really hurts. He recommends the first surgeon for the surgery because he does it robotically.

    8. August 20. My Urologist recommends another surgical group, so the 3rd surgical consult only sees 1 hernia and recommends an open procedure, under local anesthetic.

    9. August 31. The 4th surgical consult in the same practice as #3, sees 1 hernia and recommends an open procedure. I ask him and the receptionist to schedule surgery. Every single surgeon sees no need for a CT scan.

    10. Sept. 8. After waiting 8 days, I hear nothing about surgery. I’m told that it was never scheduled.

    11. Sept 13. I receive a letter w/ the surgery date, but nothing more; no pre-surgery instructions or after surgery recommendations. I call to ask where the rest of the instructions are, and am told that they’ll come from the hospital.

    12. Sept 17. The hospital tells me that the surgeon provides the instructions, so I post a message on the surgery center’s website, but receive no reply.

    13. Sept 18. I post another message on the surgery center website re: a new pain in my groin.

    14. Sept 19. I spend most of the day on the phone, trying to get answers, and am told that the Surgery Center’s office manager will call me back because the Surgeon is off all week.

    15. Sept. 19. I perform early Pre-Admission Testing over the phone with the hospital. It’s supposed to occur the day before the surgery, but I need answers now. They call me back 3 times. They ask me if one of my pills: Odactra can be taken before surgery. I don’t know, so…

    16. Sept 20. I ask my Family Doctor. He doesn’t know.

    17. Sept 20. The Surgery Center’s Office Manager returns my call, and schedules a follow-up appt. w/ the surgeon to ensure that everything is resolved before surgery. That takes place on Sept. 28th.

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