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      Long story shortish – a couple of years ago started having groin pain. Nothing bad, just annoying. Turned out I had bilateral inguinal hernias, and an umbilical. I was all set to go to Canada to get 2 of the 3 done (left inguinal and umbilical) and then the covid shut everything down. During covid’s reduction in available options for activities, I did way too much around the house (replaced all interior doors, built a deck, lifted a jeep). That did a lot more on the left side, so that really started getting bothersome in the fall of 2021.

      Was pretty miserable at some things going on at work, decided to go with a local surgeon that has been around for a long time and really wanted a little extended end of year vacation (so yes, I did rush into). Did everything lap (both inguinal with mesh, umbilical natural sutured). Well, got home from that day surgery (12/10), one my daughter came home sick, tested positive for the covid. 4 days later, I got it fairly bad (imagine non-stop coughing, not being able to breath after a hernia repair).

      I think this did “shift” something in the repair on the right side. I did not have pain with that small hernia, now I do. The left side, which was bothersome, feels the same, but sharper. Feels like my hip wants to dislocate.

      Multiple revisits to the surgeon, can’t be from the surgery, there’s no hernia present with exam. He tried some nerve med (forget what it was called, but was for epilepsy).

      Now I’m 4 months out, and really regret doing this. Constant pain, can’t really bend at my waist to put socks on (I’m 6’1, 175, so no where near large).

      I guess I need to go back to him again, get all my records of visits, but then what? What other type of doc can I get to exam and hopefully help?

      As all this developed since surgery, just thinking of my past history. I used to always suffer a “torn groin muscle” on my left side. Wondering if I had sports hernia that went undiagnosed. Just now with the kind of instability I feel.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      Thank you for this board.

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      Good intentions

      Your surgery records, if they are correct, will tell you if there was any fixation used. Your surgeon might have already mentioned this as a reason it could not have moved. His overall response is not a surprise, it’s almost like surgeons are trained to say the things that you heard. They all say the same thing, there are years worth of stories like yours. Your case is even easier to move along, since you got COVID. Blame it on the coughing.

      Here is the advice I offer to everyone who thinks that they might need to have mesh removed – find a surgeon that removes mesh, talk to them, and see if you trust them. There are surgeons that will remove mesh within months of implanting it, even the same mesh that they just implanted. Surgeons who have removed mesh understand that mesh does move even if placed properly initially. They also understand that some people’s bodies do not accept mesh as well as others. They’ve seen before and after and should know if removing yours will help or not.

      If you give your general location you might get advice for a surgeon to see. Sorry that you got caught, especially being so close to making a radically different choice. I went down the same path. The mesh implantation just seems like it should work, it seems so logical. But it has unexpected side effects and that’s what is hard for everybody to accept, especially the surgeons.

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      Thanks. I’m in NJ.

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Yunis seems like a great place to start. Here is a link from a previous poster on the forum. Good luck.

      Serious need of finding the top Doc for mesh removal

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