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      Will put a video down below.
      Long story short, orchiectomy right side for cancer when i was 22. noticed the bulge above my umbilicus a few months after surgery and suspected a hernia but doc said it was normal. Only had pain when pushing in.

      2 years ago during covid, noticed I had diastasis, i think after being active and returning to squatting too soon. Oh well I thought, just accepted it.
      6 months ago after wrestling practice woke up with stomach pain around the right inguinal region. Kept training thinking it was a abdominal muscle strain as no palpable bulge.
      Anyway, fast forward a few months, almost constant ache, nausea, if i eat too much i can’t sleep as food doesn’t digest I get an ultrasound and they find a hernia above the umbilicus with fatty protrusion.

      Some weird things –
      Sometimes after training grappling.wrestling/deadlifting I felt better. (stopped now as precautionary) Sometimes felt a little sick.

      I feel most of the pain on the right side, around stomach and toward inguinal area. Now getting dull referred pain into right adductor might be unrelated.

      If i massage my stomach the pain eases, I’ve managed to prevent the constipation i was getting early on with regular massage and hydration.
      The right of the umbilical feels more solid. No redness. But sensitive to massage pressure.

      they couldn’t see much on the right side, but I am wondering if I have some herniation around the old scar from my Orch surgery as well as the (para/)umbilival.

      I’m realising that I for ten years why i thought i was lean but still had a gut. And all the pelvic pains and muscle spasm I’ve been having the past 2 yars might be related to the diastasis and the hernia.

      video of my stomach-

      Video of my stomach

      anyway sorry for long post. the other issue is, i can’t get insurance claims for pre existing, NHS waiting list is 2 years and I can’t afford private in the UK.

      I’m looking at Colombia, Turkey and Brasil as options. Unfortunately It’s stopped me working (I’m a sport massage therapist and carrying my table and leaning forward with pressure make it hard to work ) so budget is a tad low. Any advice appreciated,

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      Good intentions

      It might help to know the details of the first surgery. It sounds like it was laparoscopic and you have developed an incisional/ventral hernia. Those can be, apparently, difficult to treat effectively. The recurrence rates are high. If it was done just ten years ago you might have a mesh implant, which can affect your surgery options. You’ll want to find a skilled surgeon to avoid repeat surgeries in the future. Diastasis and an incisional hernia puts you in a risky position.

      How did you choose Columbia, Turkey and Brazil as potential destinations? That is an odd mix.

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      First surgery was an orchiectomy and they went in Inguinaly and removed my testicle. I don’t think they repaired it with a mesh. I don’t have any other info. healed well, however scar got mildly infected so it was a little larger. I had lower abdominal weakness for a while after,

      Just chose those as I speak Spanish and Portuguese, and Turkey is closer.These all seemed better priced options. However I have also seen a few german doctors who treat athletes but I think they charge a lot.

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      Good intentions

      I think that natural umbilical hernias can also be difficult to correct. But, also, as I understand things, they are best corrected early, before they get too large.

      Read through the many posts on the forum and you’ll get a feel for what is happening in the hernia repair field. It is not as simple as the typical surgeon will make it sound. You want to get things right the first time. A typical surgeon will have 85-90 % of their patients not reporting problems after surgery. But if you get in to that 10-15 % of patients with problems it can cost you a lot. Time, money, and overall health.

      Good luck. Don’t travel to another country just because you think that you’ll be saving a few dollars. The results will be with you for the rest of your life. Be careful.

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      Good intentions

      Recent research on open versus laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair with mesh. Might help you in your search for a solution.

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