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      Here is my diagnosis and a bit on my background:

      Bilateral inguinal pain with valsalva on the left

      There is a small fat containing inguinal hernia evident on valsalva. Neck diameter is approx 1.4cm and content diameter 1.7cm.

      There is also a larger left inguinal hernia with a neck diameter of 1.3cm and maximum content length of 3.8cm. This also contains fat with no bowel, no acute tenderness or adema.

      So a little bit about myself, I’ve been a very physically active 36 yr old male the majority of my life. I have been a professional wrestler like you see on TV for the last 5 years. Hoping this won’t retire me. (I do it for fun anyway, don’t get paid much)

      I have yet to hear from a surgeon, but curious if these would be repaired with mesh? From what I’ve read so far, mesh doesn’t seem to be the way to go.

      I’ve had burning sensation up into my bladder region on both sides, and also pain in my scrotum which I thought for the longest time had to do with my vasectomy I had 2.5 yrs ago. Finally got diagnosed appropriately. I have also found that my dick sensitivity has decreased dramatically along with my orgasm strength. Is this normal? I sometimes feel ache in my inner thigh or hip adductor areas.

      Sorry if it’s too much info, just looking for advice on how I should attack this! Thanks!

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      Also pain on lifting and on most things that involve the core, in the region. Sorry don’t know how to edit post on here!

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      Good intentions

      If you don’t search out a surgeon who will do a non-mesh repair (better known as pure tissue repair) and specify that you want a pure tissue repair, then you will almost certainly get a mesh repair. International Guidelines have been created that recommend mesh as the first choice for hernia repair.

      There is a ton on the forum. Read as many of the posts as you can.

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      I am interested in the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto. I have been told that they won’t operate on me until they are bulging. I am muscular and they want me to lose 10 lbs and be 200 lbs even, they go by BMI. I just had to send them in 2 photos of myself.

      I thought mesh repairs blow out and are the subject of lawsuits and chronic pain problems?

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      Good intentions

      Whatever method you choose, it will affect the rest of your life. The procedures are not reversible and they all involve dissection (separation) of tissues, either via scalpel or blunt instrument, despite the size of the entry point in to the abdomen or inguinal canal. Put the appropriate amount of effort in to learning about the pros and cons of each. “Blowouts” are not really a thing with hernia mesh. Chronic pain is though.

      The long-term results should be your focus. Don’t be persuaded by saving a day or two today if it will risk the decades ahead of you. Read the posts on the forum, search around the internet, ask your surgeon hard questions and see if they give direct honest answers. Good luck.

      Shouldice is a good option if you go to the Hospital in Canada.

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