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    Posted by whitakerlane on February 21, 2017 at 3:41 am

    Hey everybody. I’m new to the forum. Here’s my story:

    – First hernia mesh implant was done during a surgery for a varicocele on the left side during which the doctor implanted a mesh even though he had not told me he was going to.

    – Around 6 years passed, I suffered what I believed to be another inguinal hernia, this time on the right side. My doctor agreed and strongly urged me to do an open hernia surgery.

    – Once the surgery began, he discovered no inguinal hernia but rather lipomas in my groin. He put in a mesh anyway.

    – Pain began around a month post-op. Pain radiates all over the pelvic area and concentrates at the joint between my groin and my thigh and the surgery site.

    – The pain from the recent mesh is still nagging both directly at the site where I can feel the mesh and down towards my pelvic joint and also my sacral nerves. Recent cortisone shots have slightly decreased the pain.

    – Once the cortisone shots decreased the pain on the right side, pain began to radiate from the other, older mesh on the left side.

    – The pain from the old, left side mesh is new, dull, and uncomfortable but not debilitating. It began once I got a cortisone shot for the right side. I had never had that feeling prior to the recent surgery.

    – The pain from the right side mesh is sharp at the site of the surgery and radiates to (what I believe to be) the sacroiliac joints in my pelvis. The cortisone shots have slightly numbed it, but it’s slowly roaring back.

    – I believe that the second mesh inflamed my entire pelvic area and led to pain on the left side that was only discovered once the pain on the right side was reduced.

    – I’m considering having one or both meshes removed, but I’m worried since the the risk of greater pain from mesh removal is high and the risk (or rather near certainty) that nerves will be cut and buried could lead to loss of motor function or decreased feeling in the genitals 🙁

    – This has taken the last year of my life away from me, and I fear it is going to ruin my future.

    – I’m going to wait until around a year post-op (surgery was in July) to seriously consider getting to get the meshes removed because I’ve heard that sometimes it takes upwards of a year to get the pain to recede. Best case scenario: the pain goes away or is very minimal so the removal surgery(ies) isn’t/aren’t necessary.

    – Have any of you had removals? What are your stories and conclusions? Was it worth it? Did removing nerves make everything worse? Would you suggest removal?

    – Genitofemoral nerve, inguinal ligament, ilioinguinal nerve, sacroiliac joints – these are the places I believe I’m experiencing pain in. If they’re cut (the nerves obviously), what could happen? Thanks!

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