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      Mike M

      Good morning Dr. Towfigh –

      All foreign IP addresses in Asia appear to be autobanned by your new website service provider.

      I am in Seoul currently and connection is banned until I connect to US VPN server. I spoke to a few other Asian visitors to these forums since the switch to verify.


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      William Bryant

      Please can this be sorted out, fingers crossed! Many of us are hoping to hear more about Dr Kang’s repairs.

      Ive almost been counting the days down, I’m that eager!

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      Same goes for Denmark and other European countries.

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      Thanks everyone.

      We had a strong hacking attempt originating from multiple countries. We temporarily put a halt on non-US IP address access so that we could get the site back up as soon as possible for you all. We will reopen the site again and work on updating the website completely so that we can help as many of you around the world as possible.
      Thank you!

      In the meantime, please use this as an opportunity to provide me with feedback as to how you would like this site improved.

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      Mike M

      Thank you Doctor. I relayed similar information to some of the members overseas regarding my assumption of a potential hack last week.

      A few of them assumed they were personally “banned” and I assured them that was not the case after seeing what error messages they were receiving.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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