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      in most health forums on FB they have a Files section…where people can post some basic info that all people need to read…I wish we had that here…but maybe some newbie will stumble on my post and save themselves a lifetime of trouble…here is my advice…rebuttals welcome:

      1. You cannot fix your hernia naturally —i tried this for a year and lost precious time. Do not pay any charlatans who tell you they can coach you etc…its a waste of time and money,

      2. Fix your hernia sooner then later…and go the the absolute best tissue doctor in the world. Some may disagree…but i think watchful waiting is a mistake…for most hernias…especially indirect. They will only get bigger and harder to fix over time…you may get stuck with mesh which is pure death. Fix it soon if at all possible.

      3. Do not use a mesh repair —-unless you will die or fall apart with out it….its not “new mesh”…its the same plastic garbage they have been using for years…rebranded maybe..still garbage. There is not a long history of safe use…that is nonsense…people have been getting destroyed for 3o years…check the lawsuits,

      4. Do not trust doctors…especially mesh docs…they will flat out lie and tell you they have never seen a complication. When they destroy you they will not take your calls…and will blame you.

      5. Do not trust US based tissue doctors…they are a brood of vipers who will tell you that every other tissue doctor in the US is using a technique that won’t work…or will have to be redone usually by them…of all the Tissue docs in the US Dr. Yunis is your best bet…but i have spoken personally to a number of folks he has damaged…of course per the usual he didnt return their calls and blamed them. Peterson and Grishkan were the worst for badmouthing other doctors…Very poor form —Watch out for Tomas if you are married…he will hit on your wife.

      4. please make use of this fantastic forum…Dr Towfigh has done a great service for us by making it available…as you can tell i am very bitter about my surgical experience and have posted some strong language…Dr towfigh told me to knock it off but didnt ban me to her credit

      5. Do not be a cheapskate with your health—if you need surgery go to the best…from massive research i can tell you that is Dr kang in korea…followed by the german surgeons…conze…lorenze wiese….spend the money to see these guys….its so worth it….

      6. Do not under ANY circumstances get scammed by lap mesh surgery…this is by far the worst option…its NOT minimally invasive…its the opposite…massive beach blankets of plastic…shoved in inartfully then stapled down with titanium tacks…this stuff will shrink move erode into major organs…its horrible junk….its very seductive because they sell you —no pain return to activity quickly….its all lies…dont fall for it….

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