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      Was looking for doctors who may be able to provide a non-mesh option. Narrowed it down to these ones:

      Shirin Towfigh
      David Chen
      Edward Phillips
      Robert Burns
      Andrew Iraniha

      Does this list sound about right? Anyone have any experience with any of them or have any other recommendations?

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Nguyen might be worth a call. I don’t know what exactly is involved when one doctor sells their practice to another. He might be a run-of-the-mill laparoscopy surgeon, or he might be carrying on Dr. Brown’s non-mesh work. Or maybe he uses laparoscopy for athletic pubalgia (sportsmens’s hernia) and non-mesh for inguinal hernias. Not clear.

      Good luck.

      No Mesh Hernia Repair

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      Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like he is not in that area.

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