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      Herr Decker

      Hello, my name is Mr Decker. I was diagnosed with inguinal hernia about two months ago here in South-Korea. I decided to get operated. The operation was on the 23rd of December. The peculiar thing about this operation was that I was under general anesthesia only for about 20 minutes. The surgeon had informed me before, that he would inject anesthetics directly into the location of the hernia what is quite painful and is the reason why I was under general anesthesia. I woke during the operation and we started a conversation about non-mesh treatments of inguinal hernia. He told me that there are a lot of difficulties with mesh treatments. People having excrutiating pain after treatment. Mesh which has gone lost in the body and is very hard to remove. Patients who have not recovered after several weeks having constantly pain and so on. Doctor Kang (that is the name of this very skilled surgeon) finished his surgery. I was able to walk on my on feet to the hospital room where I lay in a bed for about an hour. Doctor Kang examined the wound and after two more hours and a delicious dinner I walked to the car. The medicaments, a pain killer and the laxative covered only three days, which was completely sufficient. After one week I was able to walk my dogs.
      Now, three weeks later, after my last sonographic check I have completely recovered and I was hiking in the Korean mountains for a complete hour without any pain.
      I can only recommend the Gibbeum Hospital in Gangnam/Seoul South-Korea. Gibbeum means joy or happiness in English. And this is exactly what I feel. Thank you Doctor Kang. God bless you!

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