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    Posted by Allisontracie on January 4, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    I have a long history with endometriosis including 8 laproscopies. I have had a complete hysterectomy, both ovaries removed and my appendix. My most recent surgeries saw no remaining endo. After my hysterectomy I had a vaginal dehiscence and peritonitis. Once the peritonitis cleared up I had the dehiscence surgically repaired. I have had lower right quadrant pain that has never gone away even after right ovary removal. I have been working with a wonderful pelvic PT who has helped me with all the layers of my pain. I have had 2 pelvic MRIs and a lumbar spine MRI. Both showed labral tears in both hips, lower right rectus abdominis atrophy, and a tarlov cyst. I have had the right labral tear repaired, and 3 illioinguinal nerve injections. The repair didn’t help the pain and the first 2 injections helped some but the 3rd made it worse. I have had an appointment with a Florida dr who treats occult hernias and the exam was very painful. They suggested surgery with mesh. I have heard there are different types of mesh and different placements in the pre-peritoneal and retroperitoneal spaces. My dr here in NC wants me to speak with the pain clinic in regards to have an illioinguinal nerve ablation but I am scared that may make things worse also. She is not very well versed in occult hernias so I know if I have surgery I will have to travel to either NY, FL, or CA however I don’t have the funds to really travel a lot. I had the dehiscence, hiatal hernia, am hypermobile, have joint and muscle pain, frequent headaches, and constipation. My current pain increases with prolonged standing, wearing tight pants, constipation, sex, leaning against the sink to put on mascara, and certain exercise. I am concerned it is a possibility that I may have a connective tissue disorder yet to be diagnosed and the thought of another surgery and mesh makes me nervous. I would really love some clarity and assurance. I am just overwhelmed with all of the options and uncertainty. Any advice or experiences would be helpful. Happy New Year.

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