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      I saw many surgeons before
      sam carvajal in glendale california…he confidently told me he had done 5000 lap procerdures…and that he was on conference calls weekly to discuss different techniques and meshes…he said my surgery was EASY—he really conned me all the way…5000 hernia surgeries my ass. he was a genreal surgeon. I wish i had asked one question of every surgeon i saw…Who would YOU go to for hernia repair. I actually asked this of several doctors and they all mumbled either themself…or they werent sure…now i know this was just more nonsense designed to not dissuade me from selecting them. Peterson said he would go to shouldice…but refused to specific a doctor there….if i had to do this all over again I would have really pressed these docts on this issue….maybe i would have gotten a straight answer or two. FWIW I asked several about DR Kang recently…and no one knew who he was….I really think it possible to overthink hernia surgery…my advise to newbies…just get open mesh shoved in as soon as you get a hernia and be done…don’t watchful wait…dont go down the rabbit hole… its like investing in an index fund…your outcome will likely be as good as if you did 1000 hours of research….

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