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      This was posted on NPHI website. For those who do not read that site, here it is.

      Last year (31 July 2014) I had surgery with Dr. G at Lansdale Hospital in PA and most of you know how it went – from my minute details posts I made on this forum. I had right IH repaired with a mesh.

      Here is an update after one year. And before I forget, Thanks to RFE Michael and all others who chipped in.

      Surgery site – the scar tissue is still a bit hard. Above the cut 1 to 2 inches I feel some hardness. It is nothing major like the original-chacolate-bar-feeling but it is not as smooth as the original area/left side. The cut healed completely but the cut line is still visible. It looks like a patched up puncture. My PCP said the scar tissue now has become a KELOID and is nothing to worry. Dr. G emailed me saying the same thing – leave it alone. It does still itch once in a while and RFE, yes I do scratch (just cannot help) and my pastor has a point to talk if I die soon.

      Pain – No pains of any kind. I do work in software development desk job and sit 4 to 5 hours at a stretch and no hernia pains are felt.

      Carrying heavy stuff – I do carry almost everything. No pains are felt.

      Bowel movements – even when I (have to) force there is no pain [I am not saying I force daily]. I have a free bowel movement daily and never have any indigestion or pains. But on a heavy meal I *mentally* feel I may damage the mesh. So far no such thing has happened though. ]

      ———————— End ———————————

      Blabber – (Feel free to stop reading now since this is not IH related)

      Since I am in foul mood for last 3 days let me say this before closing. When I was young I had chicken pox and beleived that it will never strike me again. Wrong!!! It struck me during 2004-5 (30+ years later) in the form of Shingles. And the bad news is, YES shingles can strike yet again. So this foul mood is making me think that the scar tissue from IH surgery is preserved for a future attack! Call me idiot or whatever but that’s how I am thinking now.

      At both times of Mesh Surgery and Colonoscopy I prayed that I not wake up from these and pass out for my pastor to speak. Do not ask why, and I will not answer. But both times I woke up when nurses patted me. So there is still something I have to suffer and be humiliated by somebody. Wish these things happen soon. Some people are more valuable dead than alive. However hard I try I am unable to escape these thoughts. And thank you for reading and DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE on meeting a psychologist. May be, I will remember “this too shall pass” because this is not the first time I felt this way. However hard I wish, something tells me it is not the last time either. $#@!

      Good luck everybody.

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