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      I’m about 2 years and a few months removed from robotic inguinal hernia repair with mesh. I’ve thoroughly documented my issues here in the past. Most are still present to some degree. But lately one sort of newer one has started up that’s quite uncomfortable. I have a deep soreness in my thigh. Feels as if it sort of starts in my groin And extends mid-way into my thigh muscle. It’s not present all of the time but usually at some point daily. Seems worse when I wake in the morning. Just wondering if anyone else has had that. Not 100% it’s related.


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      Howdy, I am over five years with A,B inguinal and ventral meshes, right side groin and have been experiencing this symptom with warm feelings, wet feeling and soreness.The sciortic pain is immense and my hip is starting to click.
      I hope someone on this forum can help

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      Dear AJM.
      You need to see a surgeon to have have a history and physical exam.
      If the pain is deep and high on the medial thigh that gets worse with adduction, then it is probably the adductor longus.
      If the pain is in the skin, then it is probably nerve related.
      Your hip joint also needs to be evaluated.
      Bill Brown MD

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      Thanks, Dr. Brown. This all kind of started after the surgery. Dr. Belyansky has agreed to mesh removal. Didn’t think additional imaging would be necessary, though he did say it would’t hurt to potentially get an MRI and have someone take a look at the groin for muscle-related issues. I may see if he can recommend me for one to make sure I’m not missing anything.

      Like the poster above, I also have been dealing with terrible sciatica issues in the last 6 months, but I don’t think it’s directly related, unless it’s because I’ve altered my posture. I have a little bit of a history if sciatica type issues prior to the hernia, and this didn’t start until almost 2 years after the surgery.

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