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    Posted by Worried123 on November 15, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    I am a new member and I hope this forum can help

    I have been healthy all my life and recently have encountered something that hopefully will resolve itself soon. My girlfriend and I were recently having sex after drinking heavily all night. My girlfriend enjoys using a large vibrator on occasion and convinced me to try it on me. She applied lube and carefully inserted it into me without any terrible pain or aggressive action. The vibrator was on and provided me little joy and just minor discomfort. She left it in me for a few minutes and did not do any back and forth motion. The vibrator was then removed and we had sexual intercourse that night and the following morning.

    The problems began immediately later when I had the urge to go the bathroom and after a bowel movement. I didn’t have pain with the movement but noticed a dull pain in the lower left side of my abdomen. I immediately chalked it up to the use of the vibrator and possibly some residual soreness. I began to worry later when the pain increased and didn’t go away after a few days. I noticed that the pain was greater when sitting and would be manageable or go away when going to bed. 7 days later I panicked when the pain didn’t go away and thought the worst. Fearing a perforation of the bowel I immediately went to a local hospital where a Cat Scan as ordered up and my blood and urine checked for infection. Everything came back clean with no issues and I was released and my mind put at ease.

    The pain continued the next day and I decided to schedule a colonoscopy to further investigate the cause of my pain. The colonoscopy came back clean and I was told that I didn’t need to return for ten years. It all sounded good but my pain returned the next day and I was back to square one.

    I have since noticed that the pain is worse when sitting and in the area below my belt line towards my groin. This is a burning pain but not as uncomfortable as the initial abdominal pain. I also found to have mild nausea on occasion especially after physical activity.

    I have subsequently visited a urologist who thought I may have “Prostatitis” but didn’t feel that the abdominal pain was related. I was refereed to a general surgeon who thought he felt a “inguinal” hernia in the lower left quadrant. He only felt something when I coughed although I lack any apparent bulge. He felt that surgery would help and may be the source of my problem. I am afraid to have surgery if this isn’t the cause of my problem and a lack of a bulge worries me. I will be getting a second opinion.

    My question is thus: Did the vibrator cause another hernia within my rectum/colon and unrelated to my possible ingunial hernia? The CT scan was clean and didn’t see anything. What should I do next? I have been going through this for four months and very worried. I don’t want to go through unnecessary surgery that may not be related. I feel really stupid for causing this issue. Please help.

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