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      Good intentions

      Here is an article about a new emphasis on physical therapy after hernia surgery. The title is confusing because it says abdominal wall reconstruction, but the actual article talks more about hernia repair. They are related, of course, but they are not the same thing.

      Also a little bit of a broader logic issue. Supposedly today’s hernia repairs have a very low recurrence rate, according to the mainstream repair practitioners. But the main result of the therapy is reported as “no recurrences to-date”. And, of course, there is no mention of chronic pain. Overall, it seems to be more of the get-back-in-to-action and no recurrence focus, even though chronic pain is the number one problem in hernia repair today. It’s not clear what purpose the rehab serves. If everything is fine, what are they attempting to fix?

      Anyway, another kind of confusing article about hernia repair. An interesting read.

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      Good intentions

      Actually, I see on second read that the hernias they are talking about are more of the ventral type, after abdominal wall reconstruction. A different class of hernia than an inguinal hernia.

      It is interesting though that the abdominal wall, which is essentially a wall of muscle, was not considered for post-surgery therapy, until now.

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