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  • Please help! Experienced surgeon in Houston, TX

    Posted by Katherine on December 18, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Hello everyone! Hoping someone can help me. I am a chronic pain patient from a connective tissue disorder called Tarlov Cyst disease and an inflammatory spinal condition called adhesive arachnoiditis. I was doing PT trying to strengthen my core to help the spine pain, and unfortunately the exercises made my existing inguinal hernia worse. I have bilateral inguinal hernias, the left was repaired in 1994 (no mesh). The right one formed in 1996 and gas grown very little since that time. Apparently the exercises really caused me to exert such abdominal pressure that now my left repaired side hurts and the bulge on the right is over twice the original size. I had surgery on my back for the cysts and a reabsorbable mesh was used to close the sacral laminectomy and it caused horrible scarring and an autoimmune reaction so I will not have a mesh repair. It’s also painful for me to lie on my back. Frankly I’m scared to death at the prospect of another surgery with my chronic pain condition. My damaged nerves run from L3 to S4, so I’m also concerned about more possible nerve damage from the groin nerves. The hernia is a bothering me, but I don’t know if surgery will even make the pain worse. So, sorry for long story, but I’m desperate for a good, compassionate surgeon who will be honest with me. Does any know of a good surgeon in Houston? My current pain and financial condition makes traveling close to impossible. Thanks in advance for reading this and any suggestions.

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