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      Jordan Fitz


      I’ve previously consulted with a great Dr. who spent a good deal of time with me. I’m currently watching and waiting to see if mesh removal is the move for me.

      Question for plug removal surgery; is TRIPLE NEURECTOMY going to happen 100% of the time?

      1. Can a surgeon peel nerve / save nerves?
      2. Can nerves even be seen by surgeons?
      3. I’ve read countless online articles on “aftermath” of neurectomies and mobidities seem to be frequently worse than just “sensory loss.” Can someone confirm / deny this?
      4. What nerve is the worse to cut? Which nerve(s) can be saved by skilled sugeon?
      5. Partial plug removal a possibility in order free up some space / save nerves?

      Thanks in advance! Sorry everyone is going through pain 🙁

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