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      I was recently operated on just over 3 weeks ago for bilateral inguinal direct hernias. Am not having much improvement as I ran into some complications catching c-diff 4 days after surgery. Ended up way more active then wanting because of it and ended up in the er to be put on antibiotics. I feel this put alot of pressure as now im still feeling pain like prior to surgery with no improvement and possibly feeling worse. I am feeling a bubbling or gurgling gas sensation on the right side under the insicion similar to before the surgery. Is this normal? Also extremely bloated and cramping. The pain goes up a ways into whats feels like beggining of colon and up right side. Also have alot of tugging type pain like before the surgery. Worried about a reccurence, the pain is still almost always present even when laying down so I very rarely leave bed. Pain and pressure is worse with eating and sitting up.

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      I’m sorry you’re having such a bad post-op.

      What type of surgery did you have and where? Which type of hernias did you have?

      I think bubbling and gurgling isn’t supposed at all after repair and seems something went wrong.

      Did you have infection? That’s a serious complication and can ruin the repair. If you have a mesh, I think you may need to remove it to treat infection.

      All this is IMHO.

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      Hi thanks for the reply,
      For surgery I had laproscopic surgery done with prolene mesh for inguinal hernias on both sides at a general surgeon. The bubbling gurgling is whats bothering me most feels like gas bubbles at the right side site of insicion. And is more noticileable after eating. No infection visually as far as surgeon can tell. The c diff was treated with antibiotics. Im worried that all the pressure from inflamation and diahrea and bloating caused it to reccur. It doesnt feel right and the swelling looks similar to before surgery but no obvious hernia bulge. Hard to tell because its swelled up. I have what feels like a tight cramping pain sharpish pains when laying down going up ascending colon and dull to sharpish near the top of right incision and slightly next to it near top about a quarter inch towards belly. Also in lower back sometimes. Heavy lower abdomen sinking sensation when standing. Lots of stomach tightness. When seating up feels like pressure builds up at insicion area right side expanding it becomes uncomfortable quick.

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      Surgery was done in Portland Oregon by providence hospital [USER=”2862″]kaspa[/USER]

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      Now I see you mean Clostridium difficile. How did you get that?

      I can’t that if that was caused by diarrhea but bubbling or gurgling gas sensation in inguinal area likely means your intestine isn’t in it’s correct position, that is behind EO, IO and Tranversus muscles.

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      Im really not sure, possibly because of the antibiotics given prior to surgery and poor immune system. What exactly do you mean by this? [USER=”2862″]kaspa[/USER]

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      Also have a yeast infection type rash on my inner thighs both sides

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      I didn’t know you had to take such a load of antibiotics before laparoscopic hernia repair.

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      I am sorry that you are having so much trouble.
      Your situation is more complicated than usual.
      You need to work with your surgeon and infectious disease doctor to determine if you have some persistent infection,
      if you have an immune deficiency, if you have adhesions to the intestines.
      Do not hesitate to call you doctors until you get your problems resolved.
      Bill Brown MD

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      [USER=”2580″]DrBrown[/USER] thanks for the reply. My surgeon is at a loss and doesnt really know what to do. He has put me on gabopentin but doesnt seem to concerned in figuring it out. Just has me on the wait and see approach and told me to see a gastroenterlogist. It feels like an adhesion and deffinitly feels like something went wrong. A constant tugging in right side with very uncofortable stabbing pain. Seems to be getting worse daily. I hope this can get figured out soon, I need to find a good doctor in Portland, as I still havent established a pcp. Im losing sleep because of pain and am in worse pain then before the surgery.

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      Good intentions
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      @goodintentions thanks for the reply. I actually read about him and tried to get an appointment there. Turns out you need a refferal to be seen there. But thats where I would like to go if I can somehow manage to get one

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      [USER=”2580″]DrBrown[/USER] also my surgeon wants to do the finger through scrotum test to check for reccurence in about 3 weeks. Says it will cause too much pain right now. But im worried he will cause damage to tissue? Everytime someone has done it in the past even though i was already diagnosed it seemed to leave me in worse pain then before and make it even weaker

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