Professional soccer player had minimally invasive hernia repair

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      Good intentions

      Here is a case that should be interesting to follow. Jonathan dos Santos is a professional soccer player in Major League Soccer who had a hernia repaired via minimally invasive surgery. None of the reports mention “sports” hernia so it’s not clear what type he had or what will be used for repair. Still, he had the procedure July 2nd and was only supposed to be out of action for six weeks. It’s been 12 and his team is playing tonight. He’s not even on the bench.

      Just a real world story to follow. You can already see that the rosy predictions haven’t been met. There are no indications of when he’ll be ready. Still time in the season to see how he does though.

      He has played for Barcelona and the Mexico national team, so he’s a fairly valuable player.

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      Good intentions

      My mistake, he’s actually playing tonight. I’d edit the original post but the forum software does not allow it. He played last week also.

      If anyone has any details on what he had wrong and how they fixed it, it might offer at least one known good way to fix a hernia for a physically active person. A place to go, at least.

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      Thanks for the info!
      I can add that I know for a fact that a professional football player for the AC Lazio squad (in Italy) was operated with a mesh for an inguinal hernia some years ago; I can’t recall how long he was sidelined but I have a feeling that given the particular strain footballers sustain in the inguinal area (they are subject a lot to sports hernias) it is no surprise that they are off the pitch for many weeks….(a meniscus surgery in comparison keeps them out only for a very short period of time)

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