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      Dr grischkan
      Spoke to me for 11 minutes today while talking to other people in the background. Didn’t answer my questions, was beyond rude and short, got very upset when I asked how many inguinal surgeries he averages yearly. He put down the shouldice hospital and ALL other pure tissue surgeons for 4 minutes of our appointment. Brutal dealing with this guy who believes he is god. Then tried telling me the shouldice hospital offers a 2 layer and 4 layer repair which is false!

      Dr david chen
      3 days if calling his office vmcant get anyone to answer a simple question…what type of pure tissue repair does he offer?

      Dr jonathan yunis
      Won’t return any calls as of yet.

      Dr Samer Sbayi
      Tries telling me he has a 0% recuurrance rate. But he was nice though!

      Dr bryan jacobs
      Won’t talk about anything without a paid $450 consultation so not sure what type of pure tissue he offers.

      Dr david johnson
      Maybe retired cannot locate

      So far it has been such a pleasurable experierince. I’m baffled that you can’t ask the office what types of repairs the doctor does or how many ect…the office staffs seen like they don’t know what is going on and just take messages.

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      Good intentions

      Thanks for a current account of dealing with some of the bigger names in the repair field.

      I think that there is a lot of stress involved in being a hernia repair surgeon in today’s world. The doctors you talked to probably can’t really give straightforward answers, either because they don’t know or don’t believe that what they’re doing is actually best for the patient. Or they just don’t like being second-guessed, although it’s very reasonable with all that is happening in the field. How does anyone know who to trust?

      They know that what they are doing is not perfected by a very long shot, but they don’t have the means to find a better way. They have to use the “standard of care”, which has been defined by the mesh makers through the directed development of “Guidelines” and sponsored conferences. The internal conflict must be intense.

      This COVID-19 pandemic seems like a great opportunity for hernia repair surgeons to have some discussions about how to make things better. Business is slow in many states because of restrictions on elective surgeries. Somebody has to step up and lead the effort though, and stick with it.


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      I can understand some doctors may feel a strong frustration, but it is a fact that many still tell their patients that e.g. an inguinal hernia (with mesh) is a simple procedure with a very low rate of complications, if any.
      No surgical procedure is without risks, and I can understand this, but only so long as these risks are openly discussed…
      Otherwise it ends up feeling like the doctors put you in harm way out of economical interest/incompetency (sorry for the strong words, I did not sleep too well, too hot:)

      ps: I believe the health insurances also play a major role in the mesh situation, not only the mesh manufacturers….

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      Respectfully, I don’t think that, for the most part, economic interest (of physicians) or incompetence play that big a role. It’s entirely about how a successful surgery has been defined, and therefore the results surgeons are incentivized (in terms of “success rate” not $$) to achieve.

      At some point, a successful repair was defined as one that does not lead to recurrence. Therefore, the incentive is to achieve the lowest possible recurrence rate, which is done through use of mesh. Were the incentives to change, and long-term comfort were prioritized over recurrence rate, then the methods of repair would change accordingly.

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      I think you make both good points but at the end of the day…finding a pure tissue doctor is more frustrating that having the hernia!

      Called Dr michael mastrangelo they refuse to tell me if he does no mesh surgery and what types

      Dr henifords office said they will not say if he does pure tissue it not without paying a consult fee.

      Dr reinhorn was the same refused to tell me what he does without consult fee.

      I think it is crazy you can’t call a doctor’s office and ask if they do no mesh repair and have people rude as heck to you saying no. I guess I’d rather die with hernia than support a doctor like that. Most other doctors I spoke to push mesh down my throat not knowing what I know they think I’m stupid like 99.9 percent of everyone else they pushed the repairs on. Ethics unbelievable.

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      Adding my anecdotal experience.

        Dr Brown

      Amazing surgeon and incredibly kind human being. Took the time to call me many times before and after my operation. He repaired the hernia I had on my left side and did a fantastic job. Three months post-operation, I am back in the gym squatting 300+ lbs. If you’re willing to travel to California, he’s your guy.

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