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      In the most recent myth-busting episode someone asked about how, if scar tissue and adhesions soften over time, they could cause issues even a decade down the road. I believe you mentioned the Denmark study that showed that complications can and do occur many years later. But I wasn’t sure about what patient population this was referring to. Is it people that have mesh? Is it anyone that has had any abdominal surgery at all?

      I had inguinal mesh placed on my right side in Feb. of 2018 and then totally removed in Feb. of this year (2021) because of issues. I have always been curious if scar tissue and adhesions should be a worry for me in the future even if I seem mostly ok now.


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      The Denmark study was on patients after abdominal wall hernia repairs with mesh.

      For inguinal mesh, adhesions to intestines almost never occur.

      Scar tissue occurs with any operation. Over time, it lessens.

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      great, thank you very much the clarification!

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