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      Dr. Kang…I am a fervent supporter of your repair based on extensive reaserch and much discussion with your ex patients. In addition i run a facebook health forum with many smart folks…i continue to recommend the kang repair to folks on a weekly basis. I have spoken to many many hernia surgeons…and honestly -you have come across as the most caring and genuineand also the smartest. I know you are a committed christian and an elder in your church so I think that lends to your credibility as well. My question is this….can you repair LARGE recurrant hernias effectively without using mesh for your repair. Dr Towfigh who seems honest and decent…has questioned your methods saying thay you are doing some kind of Marcy derivative repair which works only in Children. I know you are fanatical about continuing to improve your repair and that its probably much more than a marcy. I had a fairly large indirect inguinal hernia on one side and an alleged smaller direct hernia on the other side…mesh was used to repair them…then i was forced to have the mesh removed. if I recur i do not want a shouldice repair…there are legions of people online complaining about chronic pain from this repair…and many of those had the repairs done at the precious shouldice clinic. You have written that you do not see chronic pain with your repair…but can you handle a big monster recurrant hernias?? you said you repaired one as large as a babies head. I know you used mesh at one time too —so i continue to believe you are the pre-eminent authority on hernia repair in the world….I continue to be humbled by the fact that you take time from your day to post on this forum—i am trying to repay you by recommending your repair at every turn…Do you still plan to work another 10 years? Is your son as proficient as you are at the kang repair? thanks for any input you might have

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