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      Ben Gina

      Hi everyone,
      I have a small direct inguinal hernia of 1x1cm on the right groin, size confirmed after ultrasound, which doesn’t bother me a lot, just looking for an adequate method to fix it and looks like Desarda method is the one with less complications and side effects, at least on what professor Desarda states on his Youtube channel.
      On this forum there is not much of good reviews on Desarda and mainly when it comes to the tissue, non-mesh repair Shouldice is the most recommended.
      Would be very grateful if someone can explain why not Desarda and why Shouldice is better for my case or the opposite.
      I live in Poland and the preferred method of many doctors is Lichtenstein repair.

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      David M


      Why fix it at all? 1cm by 1 cm sounds quite small, and if it isn’t hurting, why take a chance on doing damage.

      On the other hand, with a hernia that size, a tissue repair is probably more successful. So, there might be a limit to the size for the watchful waiting.

      Have you watched the Desarda video. It seems to depend on a healthy external obliique. Since you still have a small hernia, your EOA might be in good shape.

      I don’t think the Desarda has been studied for longevity as much as the Shouldice. Meshes might have already taken over the field by the time he developed his technique.

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      Ben Gina

      Thanks for the reply David M, you are right I can do everything with this hernia, push ups, abs workout, running, etc. I don’t do weight lifting though.
      What worries me is the prospective of this hernia size,its symptoms and the restrictions that I put to myself in terms of weight lifting now, even if it will be something casual, like moving some furniture, etc

      Based on my physical shape I guess my external oblique is okay for Desarda, what I don’t find here is not a lot of feedback on this repair and there is tons on Shouldice.On his videos dr. Desarda looks absolute on his way and this doesn’t convince me neither.

      In Poland there are 2 or 3 doctors who claim that do Desarda modified.
      For the watchful waiting, I’ve been doing it for more than 4 months now and hernia remains the same size, found some people on the Internet who say that theirs disappeared after some time with some kind of abs workout regime,diet changes,etc but is seems to me more anecdotal 🙂

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      I think there was only one person on this forum who had Desarda (Casimir), so there isn’t much direct experience with that procedure here. His surgery (with Tomas) was bad, and he had another surgery (with Grischkan) if I remember correctly.

      All these surgeries are a crapshoot. Based on what you’re describing, I would keep waiting as long as things are stable.

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