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      David M

      As all of you know, trying to decide what type of inguinal hernia surgery to have and who to have do it are two somewhat maddening decisions. It seems like the more you know, the more the decision paralysis.It’s surprising even that the medical profession hasnt streamlined this better, but here we are.

      I’m currently about 100 miles outside of the Dallas area and maybe a couple of hundred outside of the San Antonio area. What I want is to go to a surgeon who is trained across more than one discipline,hopefully covering lap, open and tissue repair, because I need advice on which is best for my circumstance. Unfortunately, my impression is that most hernia surgeons have one preferred method and so when you choose the surgeon,you’ve already chosen the method.

      Today I called three surgeons. First. I called dr Blatnick’s office in st Louis. That’s fairly far away from where I am,but maybe worth the travel, as I was impressed by his seeming knowledge and disposition in his interview with Dr Towfigh. However, I couldnt get enough of an understanding of whether he does all three disciplines, especially tissue repair. Plus, just getting a consultation would be near the end of April, possibly with surgery two months after that.

      I then called Dr Van Sickle in San Antonio. I think he has posted on this site and comes recommended by Dr Towfigh. There was no answer in his office today. I may try again tomorrow.

      Lastly, I called Dr Iskandar near Dallas. This was done purely based on location and the fact that he seems to have just set himself up as a complex hernia specialist. He seems to have had prior experience in that area and his scheduler said that he did all three types and even mentioned Shouldice.

      One thing that makes me reluctant is how easy it was for me to get an appt. This may not mean anything,or it may mean that he isnt getting a lot of referrals. At any rate, I’m expecting that maybe he can at least give me some guidance.

      A search for his name here turns up nothing, but I thought I’d ask whether anyone knows anything about him.

      Also, I’m going to try to build A list of questions to ask if I do take an appointment there.

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      David M

      I know that experience is very important. I once had thyroid surgery and I know for that it was suggested that one should try to find a surgeon with at least 250 prior thyroid surgeries least 50 or so within the past year.

      So, that would be question number one and two., and divided according to each, whether open, lap or tissue repair.

      1) How many of each kind can you estimate you have done in your career?

      2)How many have you done of each kind in the last year?

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      Good intentions

      Your questions indicate that you have just started to learn about the field of hernia repair. It is very complex.

      The suggestion that the number of hernia repairs a surgeon has done will improve outcomes really only applies to certain types of problems. Experience does not apply to the fundamental issues with mesh repairs, the body’s response to the mesh.

      As you stated, most surgeons only use a single “one-size-fits-all” mesh repair. It is actually a goal of the industry, to define a solution that “works” for most, the “vast majority”, of people. There is discussion about “tailored” approaches to hernia repair but opposing that is the push to just cover all of the possible hernia sites with mesh and “be done” with it (see the Commandments of Mesh Implantation by Dr. Felix). In other words what you’ll find is that the “talk” about improving does not match the reality of what is being taught.

      Read all of Watchful’s posts if you want to see a similar path to what you are seeking. There are very few pure tissue repair surgeons around the world. You will find hundreds of surgeons with many mesh repairs behind them. By the “experience” standard they will be well-qualified. But they will not be able to tell you if their past patients are doing well. My mesh implantation surgeon fit that model. Even worse though, I found out later that he did know of problems with a patient very like me. But he did not tell me about them until after he implanted the mesh and I was having problems myself.

      Sorry to be so negative. But it really is a very high-risk decision, for the patient. Not so much for the surgeon. There is much good information on the forum. Read as many posts as you can. Nothing has really changed over the last couple of decades, except for a dramatic rise in the number of mesh-related lawsuit victims.

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      David M

      Thanks, Good Intentions. I actually do feel somewhat like a novice on this, though the truth is that ive started up my study on this 3 or 4 times, only to have to delay it For one reason or another. For instance, I probably posted first here just prior to covid hitting and was delayed due to that and then later for other reasons.

      I know, for instance, that you had a mesh removed. Internally, I think. The one quote that sticks in my mind the most was when you told the gentleman who had privacy concerns that after the pain of a surgery gone wrong that a person would run naked through the streets if it would solve the problem. That is a strong warning against the possible pain.If you had it to do over again, I assume that you would not have mesh placed at all? What was your post removal process and result? Did the scar tissue hold it?

      Watchful is another amazing poster here. For me, his experience of being so well studied and choosing tissue only to have that not go smoothly is an interesting warning in a sense against tissue repair. Some people find this place because of pain and thus represent the few for whom it goes wrong, but Watchful represents a different class, as does the poster who said he would probably choose someone other than yunis if he had it to do over.

      Hopefully, watchful will catch this and give his current opinion about what he would do were he to do it over again.

      No easy answers, but my many years of watchful waiting have to end soon, as my hernia is getting somewhat scary.

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      See about Dr mark Glover in Austin, or Dr echo in Houston as other options.
      Check on mesh Facebook groups for other options for non mesh repairs doctors.

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