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      Good intentions

      I just came across this very thorough review of hernia repair. It is full of references and easy to read. It’s in the The World Journal of Methodology, a journal I was not aware of.

      The Discussion area starts with an interesting statement, excerpted below.

      I have also pulled out all of the acronyms and attached them to the bottom of the post.

      World J Methodol. 2021 Jul 20; 11(4): 160–186.
      Published online 2021 Jul 20. doi: 10.5662/wjm.v11.i4.160
      PMCID: PMC8299909
      PMID: 34322367
      Fascinating history of groin hernias: Comprehensive recognition of anatomy, classic considerations for herniorrhaphy, and current controversies in hernioplasty
      Tomohide Hori and Daiki Yasukawa

      Some organizations (e.g., the European Hernia Society and the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) currently provide comprehensive inguinal hernia guidelines, and well-known surgeons have discussed herniology in detail[207-214]. However, many physicians may feel that no definitive criteria are available for the selection of surgical procedures. Indeed, the physician’s choice, commercial basis, or cost-effective reasoning may be unchallenged in most instances.

      tension-free repair (TFR)
      indirect (external or lateral) inguinal hernias (IIHs)
      direct (internal or inner) inguinal hernias (DIHs)
      inguinal canal (IC)
      spermatic cord (SC)
      round ligament (RL)
      lateral (L)
      medial (M)
      femoral (F
      primary (P)
      recurrent (R)
      internal (deep) inguinal ring (IIR)
      internal abdominal oblique muscle (IAOM)
      transversalis fascia (TF)
      iliopubic tract (IPT)
      myopectineal orifice (MO)
      superficial parietal layer (SPL)
      deeper visceral layer (DVL)
      myopectineal orifice (MO)
      preperitoneal (posterior) space (PPS)
      laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP)

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      A fascinating find. Thanks.

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