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  • Recurrent hernia-need direction

    Posted by NotAgain on August 21, 2019 at 1:04 am


    Thank you for your contributions to this site as it has helped me get to a point where I think I can at least ask some intelligent questions. However, I am still struggling to know what to do next.

    I had a left side inguinal hernia repaired in May 2016 at a local hospital (WI). The procedure used was laparoscopic with Bard mesh placed between perineum and muscle layer. The mesh was sutured on both ends with dissolvable sutures.

    In late April of 2018, I started getting symptoms again and was diagnosed with a hernia on the same side as the original. I met with original surgeon and two other surgeons and all three surgeons recommended the same basic treatment: Open surgery with mesh. None recommended doing any imaging work to determine actual cause of failure.

    • Should imaging work be done to determine the actual cause of the failure?
    • What is the best method for fixing a recurrent inguinal hernia? With mesh or without?
    • Complications due to being 2nd time? Risk of cutting of nerves, spermatic cord, etc? Risk of impotence?
    • Should the original mesh be removed if it is not functioning anyway? It doesn’t seem to be causing any other issues.
      • What are the risks of mesh removal?
      • What are the risks if I don’t have the mesh removed?
    • Assuming I would get this repaired open with more mesh, would it be safe to have mesh on both sides of the repair or would it cause more chances for pain? I plan on getting back to the gym after I am healed up, so I don’t want that area to be too stiff or cause other problems.
      • What other complications will come due to having all this mesh in my body? Potential complications for future surgeries for prostate or something?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me navigate through this.

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