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      Had laparoscopic hernia surgery on May 5. Surgeon is board certified and does this kind of surgery regularly. He instructed I take it easy for six weeks post surgery, no lifting or other exercise, just rest. I followed this and had daily decreasing pain issues. By 6 weeks I was virtually pain free and felt good. So after the 6 weeks I then went out and played some golf. During the second time I played I began experiencing a tightness and pulling feeling in the surgery area. After the round the pain stayed with me. I stopped all activities again. Now I have daily pain off and on. Not the doubling over pain but it’s pinches and stabs and sometimes a dull pain. I can walk around pretty well but sitting in one position for hours can cause some issues. It’s doesn’t seem to be getting better or worse a week after I stopped all activities.

      Next week I go back in to see my surgeon again about this. I am concerned as to what happened and where I go from here. I’ve heard this can be a scar tissue issue but I have no idea what that might mean either. I’d appreciate any information that may help.

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      Most likely there is no issue with your hernia repair. You may be feeling a pulling or strain on the repair itself. That may take weeks to settle down. I sometimes refer to it as a sheering effect of the mesh along the muscle.

      It is rare to have a hernia recurrence, especially early and after a laparoscopic repair. That said, you may not know if there is a hernia recurrence for many more weeks.

      I would stretch out the area, use ice, and stop golfing again until your pain cycle has reduced.

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      Just curious when you stay to do some stretching what stretches are good to do? I have had Inguinal hernia surgery and want to stretch but also don’t want to make things worse. ( I have mesh and am 4 and half weeks after surgery)


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