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      I wonder if anyone has had a similar hernia experience to me as I’m very confused post op. Last summer I had an operation to fix my inguinal hernia with mesh. Few months went by with no issues now all of a sudden I’m getting pain around the area, strangely enough it’s lower abdomen and top of the leg and hip area so nowhere near where the original site was. Also when coughing I notice a slight bulge near to where the original hernia was however this is nowhere near as large as it was prior to the op so this maybe just the muscle straining with the cough.

      Has anyone had any incidents of the hernia coming back through the mesh post op? Is this even possible?

      Any info would be greatly appreciated

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      Good intentions

      Recurrences are usually from around the edges of the mesh. Material gets under the edge and works its way under and back out. The mesh can fold over also, creating a shorter path for a recurrence.

      A trained doctor could tell you if you’ve had a recurrence. Your post is not very detailed, besides some new pain and a bulge when you cough. Nobody can really give you more advice than “see a doctor”.

      I would be interested in the details of the operation if you can supply them. Open or laparoscopic, direct or indirect hernia, type of mesh, brand of mesh, etc. Good luck.

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      Sounds like the first thing is a physical examination to determine if there is a recurrence.

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