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      Good intentions

      Another interesting article. I’m not sure that the results for robotic removal are much different than the results from a normal laparoscopic removal by a skilled surgeon. This paper is more valuable as a report of many mesh removals I think.

      An example though, of how a new market opportunity for robotics is shedding light on a problem that exists in a related field. Similar to articles about biologic mesh pointing out problems with synthetic mesh.

      It’s only 29 patients, mixed between ventral and inguinal. Brian Jacob is involved. Follow-up is only about a month. Its purpose is to show that robotics can be used for mesh explantation.

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      Good intentions

      My mesh problems were very severe. And I continued to work through them, doing lots of physical labor in the third year. And before then, I had been running and working out, trying to “believe” that the mesh would become incorporated and that my body would adapt. So the thickening of the tissue around the mesh was probably substantial, which probably helps avoid recurrence.

      With the pandemic still active, I do not know what I would do if I had a recurrence. I might just live with it. If I could manage it, I would probably go to Dr. Kang, because he seems to understand how the abdominal muscles work in great detail and might have better ideas of what to do with the damaged tissues left behind. I think that many hernia surgeons today can identify certain things but I don’t think that they understand the dynamics of their movements. Dr. Meyers at the Vincera Institute is another possibility.

      Yes, Dr. Billing and I discussed just removing the mesh, then waiting to see how things progressed. I got the impression that he did not see many recurrences after mesh removal.

      I can’t offer any more guidance than what I’m writing. I don’t want to talk anyone in to having mesh removed, I can’t predict the results.

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