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      Good intentions

      Here is the SAGES web page for this year’s annual meeting, linked below. It’s in Montreal, Canada.

      It’s interesting that there are no sponsor’s names on any of the pages. In the recent past, the last few years, you would see many of the large medical corporations listed at the bottom of a page or two, or called out on a separate page as Platinum, Gold, or Silver, etc., sponsors. Not a word anywhere on this listing. The past meeting pages are all gone also. Seems strange. Maybe it’s my imagination and they were never really there.

      Actually, none of the big ones are shown anywhere on any of the SAGES pages.

      Click the headings at the top of the page to see the various events and program pages. “Shark Tank” seems to be getting very popular. Opportunity for investment.

      Shark Tank 2023

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      Good intentions

      It is not my imagination. “Supporters” were shown for past meetings. Maybe they will appear in the Final Program. The meeting is still one month away.

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