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      Can injuring the scar tissue by hernia mesh (had repair over 2 years ago) cause achy and drawing pain? Its been 3 months since my injury and I think doctors are misdiagnosing me. Also, if it is scar tissue that is injured, does that just repair on it’s own or can you do something to fix it? Could it cause bloating?

      Would a MRI show injured scar tissue by the mesh?

      Thank you!

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      Good intentions

      Hi Katie. I saw your other post with the @ symbol used. I don’t think that all forum software use the @ notification system. It might not even be activated on this forum. I’m pretty sure that Dr. Towfigh will see a message though, if you use the messaging system. If you click her name on one of her posts there will be a link to messaging. You could refer her to your thread.

      You injured yourself deadlifting, or something like it? Bouncing the bar off of your pelvis, if I recall correctly.

      I experienced pulls and soreness periodically over the three years that I had mesh implanted. One thing that often caused soreness was any strenuous actions with my arms raised, that stretched abdominal muscles longitudinally, like putting a heavy object on a shelf or doing pullups. Felt like it was pulling something free from my pubic bone, or just overstressing that area. They like to get the mesh all way down to the pubic bone so it will form a good attachment and not move. Unfortunately it also reduces the flexibility of the lower abdomen as a whole, turning it into a leathery plate attached to the pubic bone, after tissue ingrowth in to the mesh fiber knots. Not the way the body was designed to work.

      Good luck.

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      Good intentions – they say the mesh is not tension free but that’s a lie. If you pull on any mesh there is tension, obviously. With the scar tissue ingrowth, the whole thing is much less flexible than normal tissue. My theory is that the tissue bordering the mesh is subject to the most strain. The normal tissue and the mesh tissue have different mechanical properties so the tissue bordering the mesh gets the most strain.

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      [USER=”2029″]Good intentions[/USER] the tags work great!

      [USER=”2482″]katiebarns[/USER] scar tissue can be pulled and it can hurt. That type of “injury” cannot be seen on MRI or other imaging. Sometimes, if it’s severe, inflammation can be seen on MRI. Usually not. Sometimes what is going on is a shearing effect of thebmesh off the repair. If the pain is not better after 3 months then imaging can rule out recurrence and sometimes injections can help. I have had good results in mybpatients with PRP injections to help heal any straining.

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      [USER=”935″]drtowfigh[/USER] thank you so much! would you be able to tell if that it’s actually scar tissue causing the pain through just examination? Also I had my hernia repaired in 2015 laprascopically .. would there still be scar tissue if I didn’t have an open surgery?

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