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    Posted by GemStater on November 14, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    I literally just got off the phone after cancelling my hernia mesh repair surgery scheduled for December 27th 2019. Now begins the journey to find a suitable alternative. Where do I begin? Guess I’ll start here.

    Details: I currently have a very small finger-tip sized inguinal hernia on the right side that I first noticed June of this year, 2019. There is a dull ache I notice sometimes above the hernia site but I cannon recall if it’s an unrelated pain I had prior to noticing the Hernia. My testicle does not hurt. Four months later In October I had my family practice doctor finally take a look. This hernia is so small that he couldn’t detect it at first. But upon further prodding, he found it. At that point he recommend I waste no time and get it repaired before it gets worse. He referred me to a local surgeon. Yesterday, I met with the surgeon which no surprise is a very pro-mesh surgeon. His poison of choice for me was to be Bard 3D Max mesh. Well, just typing Bard 3D Max mesh into the Goggle search function blew it up, and not for the better. At that point I figured because my Hernia is so small and not really causing any problems at this point, why rush into a surgery I am unsure of?

    So my question is, where do I begin in finding a qualified and experienced surgeon who performs Bassini, Shouldice, Marcy, Desarda, McVay???

    I live in the northern panhandle of North Idaho…

    Thanks in advance for your support and suggestions.

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