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      I am 2 weeks out from right inguinal mesh repair robotic lap. Also an inguinal lymph node was removed. After about 5 days, felt excruciating pain and noticed swelling in the lower ab above the penis. This pain was stabbing, ripping and electrifying. It subsides during bed time and slowly kicks back in during the day. General soreness until I move a certain way and the pain hits like a jolt. On day 10, the surgeon ordered a stat ct. Results 35 x 24 mm without rim enhancement by the region of repair fluid re seroma. Also 37 x 29 mm seroma extending into inguinal canal. Surgeon said this can only be addressed with time. Help. He is against aspiration. I’ve been doing compression shorts when I can tolerate them and gentle rubbing after heat. How much pain is expected before some other action? Thank you!

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      Good intentions

      What have you been doing for activity? Walking, sitting, etc.
      Seems like gravity must be involved so avoiding standing might help. Maybe he even elevating your hips to get the fluid to drain back out of the canal.

      My reading implies that aspiration raises the risk of infection. The surgeon will want to wait a long time to avoid that possibility.

      Can you give some details of the situation? Type of hernia, repair material, etc. Not clear why a lymph node would be removed. Good luck.

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      Seroma was mentioned to me as a risk by a robotic mesh surgeon that I talked to about my inguinal hernia. He made it sound like it was pretty common if I remember correctly. He said that if this happens, you wait and it goes away eventually. It was yet another thing that I learned about hernia surgery that made me not want to do it…

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