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    Posted by nycguy224 on December 31, 2019 at 12:55 am

    Sorry if this topic is a bit too graphic for some, but I had my surgery about a month ago. Based on what I’ve read, I should be fine to engage in sexual intercourse, working around comfort levels and making sure that I’m not straining myself or hurting the area around the incision.

    But one thing I wanted to talk about to see if anyone had perspective/experience is the incision itself. I had an inguinal hernia surgery, so the incision is pretty close to my penis. It’s still a bit swollen around the area, and the incision is still somewhat elevated. The issue is that this guy that I’ve had a crush on wants to hang out this weekend, and I’d really like to hang out with him (with the possibility of course that “hanging out” leads to sex). But I’m pretty self-conscious about the incision since it’s still pretty noticeable and elevated. I know I won’t be self-conscious about it once it’s fully healed (I have a pretty sizable scar on my stomach that I’m not self-conscious of), but I was wondering if anyone had felt similarly, and how they dealt with the self-consciousness. Did you wait until it was fully healed before having sex again? Did you put a bandage over the incision during sex to make it less noticeable? Or did you just go for it anyway?


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