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      I had robot assisted laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia surgery on Dec 3. Progrip mesh was used.

      My left-side was a direct hernia and the right side was an indirect. In both cases it was fat that intruded. My surgeon said that I had a fair amount of scar tissue in the right canal. I have never had surgery there.

      I have had a very hard recovery with lots of scrotal and testicular swelling (swelling only on right testicle) which has resolved by maybe 80%.

      Around five days ago I started getting very sharp intermittent pains in right testicle. Most of the time it feels like its on the right side of the testicle in the canal. The intensity of the pain varies. Sometimes its mild and sometimes it is an extreme jolt. It seems to get worse in the late afternoon and evening.

      My surgeon said this is not uncommon and is due to all the swelling and should resolve in time. Do you agree with this or does this sound more like something that is going to be a chronic nerve issue?

      I am curious if anyone experienced this during their recovery how long it took to go away.



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      Good intentions

      Your surgeon was right about the timing, in the early days you just can’t tell what the final result will be. Make sure that you stay active, walking and moving, but nothing extreme, so that things can settle in to the places that they’ll be in for your normal life.

      I had odd sensations that only resolved after about a month, when I was stretching in bed after waking. But, in the end, I did not have a good long-term result. You probably will do better, it can’t be determined ahead of time.

      In the early weeks, there is not much that anyone can or will do unless you have obvious physical problems.

      As far as right versus left, direct versus indirect, with mesh they just do the same on both sides. Lay the mesh over all of the areas that might herniate in the future, after they pull the material back from the wrong side of the abdominal wall. Your surgeon probably had to dissect the “fat” from your spermatic cord and the trauma is where your pain is originating. The cutting/peeling of the material from the cord, leaving a raw surface behind.

      Don’t do anything crazy. Wait, stay active, hope. Odds are you’ll be okay.

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      Thank you for your reply.


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