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      ….always thought it was inguinal canal hernia. But standard imaging CT, MRI and ultrasound found no hernia. So I was referred to urologist who using temporary cord block, numbed the cavity and for the most part I drove home from the procedure, something I hadn’t done with massive discomfort for 5+ months. Surgery was scheduled, and on January 30th this year we had the procedure.

      It’s been almost 11 days. The pain is still a reality though it has changed some since the ablation. Now the pain which is exasperated when bending, sitting or if I sleep in a position that puts pressure on the left leg/side. The pain was scrotal and in my abdomen and when really bad lower back. Now I have pressure in the left cavity when I lay pain now radiates across my back and I still feel pressure and discomfort in the abdomen, but not as much before the procedure.

      I believe I have a inguinal hernia that’s putting pressure on the spermatic cord causing the scrotal discomfort especially during sex and abdomen pain when I bend down or try and do something productive.

      Has anyone else here also had the ablation procedure that didn’t solve the hernia issue? Has anyone gone on to have successful inguinal hernia repair surgery?

      I can’t believe it’s been since late August. I’m very happy there are experts that can help us.

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