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      Did anyone have testicle pain prior to surgery?

      I have heard conflicting information about what could be the cause of the testicle pain – some saying that it is possible to feel bilateral testicle pain with a one-sided hernia, some saying no.

      I have (that I know of) a right inguinal hernia that I have had for a long time.

      I have pain in both of my testicles (kind of a warm aching), and sometimes more shooting pain radiating into my penis when walking. Also pain and tenderness on the right side where my hernia itself is, mostly when moving certain ways.

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      You have probably developed a hernia on the left side as well, my surgeon said you do not get referred pain from one side to another, I had very painful right side testicle pain and an obvious bulge, a few weeks later I developed left side testicle pain, after an ultrasound a left side hernia was diagnosed but there was no obvious lump, after they opened me up it turned out to be a direct hernia on both sides.

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      An inguinal hernia is one potential cause, but there could be others, such as a varicocele or a hydrocele.

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